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Products and Services

We listen to your needs

We are aware of the challenges publishers face with the question of how to best archive their product. Listening to the needs of our customers and finding solutions to those needs, has been and will continue to be our commitment to our customers.
As a result, publishers can offer to readers in their community, convenient access to archival issues, in a convenient and cost effective way.

This is how it happens

Digital Scanning Solutions

By scanning newsfile images into a fully searchable platform, staff writers, researchers, and others will be able to explore the historical content of your newsfiles. Having your newsfiles available digitally opens up new frontiers of business opportunities to generate new revenues.

Hoag and Sons can provide different output options to fulfill those plans.  If you plan to make your newsfiles available on the internet, we can produce your scanned output files in the proper format for your web hosting site. Or, if your viewing plans are more internal, we will create a process that will allow searching through years of news articles, advertisements, and even photographs for people’s names or particular subjects.


              "Our student newspaper¹s archives date back to 1925 and were slowly disintegrating before our eyes. Microfilm was the first step towards more permanent archives, but we found that our 21st century students also wanted the accessibility of a digital archive. Hoag and Sons worked with us to take advantage of today¹s innovations in technology to provide the most utility to our readers and future generations of researchers. "

                             -Macon C. McGinley, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication Adviser to The Colonnade Georgia College & State University

Binding Solutions

             Binding newsfiles is the only process to preserve the art of newspapers.  Future generations will not experience first hand the art of our written past” - Nicholson Baker, Author, “Double Fold”

Preserving your product in it's natural condition requires experience and the use of quality materials.  Hoag and Sons uses only the best binding materials. Archival board, end sheet stock, threads and buckrum are acid free and pH neutral.

  • Choose from Fifteen Colors to enhance the look and character of bound files
  • Monthly Index tabs will provide easier access to specific files
  • Deacidification misting treatment protects newsfiles from becoming yellow or brittle

Microfilming Solutions

A proven solution for long term archiving of your newsfiles!  Microfilming has long been respected as a stable and secure archival option.  Filming of newsfiles is inexpensive when compared to alternative methods.  When properly stored, microfilm requires very little upkeep.  The combination of these two qualities makes microfilming for long term retention a very responsible option.  In addition, newsfile images stored on microfilm can be easily scanned and converted to a digital format for access via the web or your personal computer.


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